My first blog post

The first time it was ever 14/07/2015

Today is a day of firsts. My first successful job interview. My first time OFFERING to hoover the lounge. And, most importantly, my first blog post. But what do I write? Undoubtedly, the only people reading this will already know who I am: Ruth or Ruthie. If not, I’m 16, a bit blonde (my hair, not my personality hopefully) and a compulsive apologiser. Sorry.

I thought I’d start a blog to ‘express myself’. Sorry if that sounds cheesy, but I figured it would be useful to put fingers to keyboard and type my ‘wonderings’ rather than voicing them to a reluctant audience. This way, people can choose if they want to hear (or should I say read?) my ramblings and I can make more sense of the musings that circulate in my brain until I can find someone else to look after them. Honestly, it would be misleading to say what I will be blogging about because my aim is to blog my thoughts and I don’t know what they will be yet… obviously.

If it’s okay, I’d love to show off some of my amateur photography skills! You see, I have a rather fab camera, but am neither 50% sure about how to use it nor know if I am truly any good at using it. Perhaps by setting a goal of posting some pics, I will feel obliged to place my finger on the shutter release button a little more often and stick my head deep into the instruction manual.

So, with that, happy reading! (and looking at photos and anything else that might crop up along the way!)