Five quick facts about me

The highs and lows of my 16 years so far…

1) I was nearly kidnapped twice and endeavour to write a blog post about it soon!

2) I once wrote to the Queen with my friend and we asked to play our instruments to her. She hastily got the Lady in Waiting to replied, who declined our kind offer for some reason…

3) My sister and I (mainly me, I’ll admit) did so many cartwheels and wild dancing in our bedroom that the ceiling fell down.

4) I was a member of the Barnet Supporter’s Association before I was even born, thanks to my Grandad!

5) I used to work at Vue cinema and it was my first job!

The above are just 5 RANDOM facts. I (hopefully) am more of an interesting person than 5 facts but I shan’t bore you with the bits in-between…

I challenge anyone who reads this to post a fact about themselves in the comment section below! You don’t even need to have your own blog to comment, so NO EXCUSES!


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