Ruthie’s take on BANANA NICE CREAM!

I cannot claim I invented this myself, although I wish I could. But I thought I’d show you my take on…BANANA NICE CREAM! It’s creamy, cool, utterly delicious, but also vegan, super healthy, one of your five a day and ‘potassium’ified!


  • 2 bananas, frozen
  • Any type of milk (I like almond milk, my sister likes dairy, maybe you like soya…!)
  • Toppings

The method is detailed below (I have kindly included¬†pictures for all you hipster ‘visual’ learners out there!)

The best bit is the toppings. Its almost as fun as the ice cream parlour at Pizza Hut (do you remember that?!). I have listed some suggestions, but encourage you to let loose your creativity and share any awesome ideas in the comments!!

  • ¬†cinnamon
  • dates
  • nakd bar
  • dried strawberries
  • smarties
  • or some more banana!

I sincerely wish you enjoy your banana nice cream and am eternally grateful to the incredible inventor of this beautiful banana bonanza!!