What you’re in for…

Firstly I cannot thank you enough for visiting my blog! The fact that someone has even the slightest of interest in my writing is overwhelming!! (sad. I know…)

Secondly, why have I started a blog? Well, after approximately 10 attempts to complete a diary, but giving up by January 5th, I decided a diary was a too wordy way of expressing my ideas and thoughts. And Twitter only offers 140 characters, which I thought was a bit stingy and have more to say than that! So I figured that a blog was the perfect alternative to the previous flawed options! A blog is something I can personalise; set my own rules; post when I want AND other people can see it!! Perfect!

I’ll leave you with a final note. My pen is the powerful instrument and my thoughts are the thousand notes. Although I suppose the powerful instrument is my laptop because I would struggle to blog without my trusted Mr Mac 😁


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