Reflecting on Jersey

I’d like to think of our holiday as ‘sustainable’. A bit like buying fruit and vegetables from the local farmer’s market; or, with the absence of a farmer’s market, busing or biking it to Sainsbury’s instead of driving; or even using the other side of an old sheet of paper rather than a new piece. After travelling less than 250 miles, we had arrived in Jersey, the destination for our summer holiday and discovered the art of resourcefulness.

A holiday in Jersey made me realise that you don’t need to travel thousands of miles in search of the sun and a nice summer holiday. Sure, there really is nothing wrong with doing that; in fact, I was in Corfu less than a month ago, sunning myself, enjoying Souvlaki and Tzatziki. And I have every intention to, one day, meet Thailand, amongst other places. But I now appreciate that there are alternatives. Previously mentioned, the ‘art of resourcefulness’ refers to being able to make the most of what is close by.

Alongside my mum, dad, brother and sister, we explored the small, quaint island, called Jersey, which remains undiscovered to so many. ‘Where are you going in the summer?’ I was asked, to which I replied, ‘Jersey.’ I would often then be greeted with a confused face and questioned if I meant Jersey in America. ‘No, not Jersey in America. The one in-between England and France.’

On the days when the sun felt a bit shy, we visited the Jersey War Tunnels, cycled along a disused railway line and sought shelter from the rain in the (equally wet) swimming pool. I am still in shock to have seen by dad on a bike! Once the sun had regained its confidence, we splayed ourselves across St Brelade’s Bay and, being the pale, blonde Brit I truly am, I managed to get one side of my face sunburned…

Admittedly the weather was so-so and would have been much better in America’s New Jersey. Neither did we escape the glare of Queen Elizabeth from the coins and notes we exchanged at the checkouts. Nor did we manage to seek asylum from British chain stores, including Marks and Spencer, Primark and Boots. (Though the drivers were much slower and rather polite to pedestrians!) But we experienced something new; something different and something which inspired me to appreciate the abundance of holiday options that we have available to us!

Upcoming holiday: Guernsey!


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