‘Post-exams pre-results’ musings

With the all important results day speedily approaching, I saw fit to write a post in preparation, with one single purpose: to reassure myself (and anyone else!) that ‘grades do not define us’.

Why is it that we always want something we don’t have, but when we have it, we are never satisfied? Always wishing for something better, bigger, more exciting? Unfortunately, that is the way I feel about the whole education system. The education system, in my opinion anyway, destroys any enrichment in learning. The government practically lines up all humans within a certain age and sends us off the sit exams. It is our inescapable fate to end up in that expansive room, glared at by the haughty invigilators, like helpless dogs banished to the kennels. In that room, you try. Good or bad day, you are judged on the single achievements you have made in the room. And from that, your future is rewritten.

My previous thoughts are harboured by guilt. I must be incredibly ungrateful to slag off the education system, when millions and millions and millions would cross deserts and oceans to have a taste of what I have. But I would do the same to obtain their self-motivation and dedication, that has been depleted from my body by the education system. Exam boards simply limit us, with their pitiful syllabuses, which are not a slither of the wealth of knowledge that is available to us. We need to learn new methods of learning that are not reciting a textbook or memorising the specification. Why not explore; question; think for ourselves.

Realistically, that won’t happen. And why? Because why should we? Exams don’t test your lust for learning and independent knowledge. They test your ability to read a textbook and regurgitate the facts (that we all know will have been forgotten in 12 hour time) onto a flimsy wad of monochrome sheets, called the test paper.

So on 20th August, when the results glare at me from my own two hands, I will return the same, cold stare, alongside the knowledge that this grade reflects nothing, apart from the distorted image of how good my memory is.


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