A Review of Reviews


Are reviews meaningless? I am only wondering because I came home the other day, with a semi-permanent smile cemented on my face, after watching Ted 2. Thought it was hilarious. Came home raving about it, practically forcing my sister and dad (although that might have been a tad inappropriate considering the nature of the film) to leave at once to go and be enlightened, like I had just been. After telling every surrounding person about my rediscovered favourite Teddy bear, I turned to Twitter. There, a minority shared my view. Elsewhere, on the Guardian site, they snubbed it with a meagre TWO STAR REVIEW, calling it ‘syrupy’ and ‘disjointed’. Syrupy? I love syrup… And disjointed? What’s disjointed about Ted’s fight to be classified as a real person? It made me question deeply what makes someone a ‘person’, a philosophical question that Seth Macfarlane somehow managed to intertwine alongside gags about sex, drugs and breaking into Tom Brady’s house to steal his sperm…

Do reviewers just like to antagonise avid admirers of stupid comedy like myself? After reading the Guardian’s harsh review, I was dumbfounded. Left feeling like my sense of humour was invalid, I felt slightly ashamed that I actually thought it was funny. But then I decided that in fact, no. How could I be led to believe that these Guardian reviewer’s opinions were more bona fide than my own? I’m sure they sit behind their desks all day in stiff suits, enclosed by four whitewashed walls. That’s enough to drive the sanest people insane. The whitewashed walls have presumably sucked every last droplet of fun from within them, leaving them incapable of seeing humour. The only things that tickle their dry tastebuds are horrendous dreary classics that are only endured by those who wish to obtain the ‘I’m better than you’ status. (Sorry if you genuinely do enjoy classics, maybe I’m just being a little cynical)

So never again will I doubt my own opinion. I will stay outside at least a five mile radius of negative reviews and a ten-mile radius of the Guardian reviews and the pessimists who write them. And I urge you to do the same.

P.S. I am still planning to put reviews on my blog, but they are my opinion, so don’t let them sway your decision to try something for yourself!!


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